Building Protection from Severe Weather

At the beginning of this week, FEMA and NOAA launched the second annual National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  With Superstorm Sandy, the Joplin, Missouri, tornado, and other weather events fresh in everyone’s minds, FEMA is encouraging families and communities to develop emergency plans and put together emergency supply kits.  But, how much thought do we give to our buildings?

One business owner in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, certainly planned ahead.  Considering his location along the Atlantic seaboard, he knew he wanted a building that could withstand hurricane winds and the accompanying floodwaters. Bedrock Concrete offered that tilt-up construction, with its reinforced concrete walls, would stand up to the challenge for this restaurant and liquor store. The Spot/Spirits Unlimited was built with tilt-up concrete panels, creating not only an attractive building on the waterfront, but also one that proved to be durable.


The Spot/Spirits Unlimited in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ after Superstorm Sandy

Last year, when the East Coast was devastated by Superstorm Sandy, the durability of this restaurant and liquor store was tested and came out unscathed. As you can see in the pictures, there was zero damage to the building while houses less than a mile down the road were a total loss.


Houses and infrastructure destroyed after Superstorm Sandy

The mass and durability of concrete allows tilt-up buildings to resist Mother Nature’s wrath. Tilt-up not only keeps facilities intact and operational, but also protects merchandise and people inside. Even more importantly, by staying operational, owners of tilt-up buildings can assist with recovery efforts rather than focusing on repairs and replacement.

No matter where you are, prepare for severe weather with more than an emergency plan. Choose a durable, safe building shell like tilt-up concrete.



  1. […] City served as the architects, and Alston Construction of Edison, NJ served as the contractor. LJB, who had an existing tilt-up project in the area survive the hurricane unscathed, provided structural engineering […]

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