Mobile Apps for Public Works Professionals

smartphonesToday, smart phones and tablets seem ubiquitous with business people. Smart phones and tablets allow us to stay in contact and have access to information that we need at our fingertips no matter where we are. We would be lost without them.

One of the reasons I swear by mine is the ability to run apps, which gives me the power to interact with data and information anywhere in the world. A recent article from Public Works magazine, compiled nearly 40 apps that are targeted specifically to public works professionals and contractors.

Locally, Gary Shoup with the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office has created some of his own apps for traffic engineers: Click here

Apps like these can make work life easier and more productive for public works professionals. At LJB, we not only use some of these apps, but have also created web-based apps to improve the quality of work life for our clients: Click here

While Angry Birds is probably the most popular app at your provider’s app store, there are dozens of apps that are available specifically for professionals in the public works industry.

What apps are you using that other cities or counties should know about?  Share them below.

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