Having Fun with Math and Science Outside the Classroom

TechFest2013-1Last weekend, Sinclair Community College hosted TechFest – an annual event designed to get K-12 kids excited about math and science. This two-day free event focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and attracts more than 3,300 people each year.

The event, organized by the Affiliate Societies Council of Dayton (ASC), featured approximately 70 booths with hands-on activities for kids in areas like aviation, life sciences, electricity, chemistry, engineering and mathematics.

TechFest2013-2LJB’s Amy Moore co-led the Dayton chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) exhibit showing kids how to use gumdrops and toothpicks to build an igloo-style dome structure. Anticipating another successful year with this activity, Amy stocked the booth with 30,000 toothpicks and 150 pounds of gumdrops!

Throughout the weekend, speakers delivered entertaining and informative presentations on STEM topics. Some of the speakers included a NASA astronaut, an Air Force flight test pilot and a college professor. Click here for more highlights from the event.

I want to thank ASC of Dayton for putting on another memorable exhibit for kids and their families. Kid-friendly events like TechFest expose young students to math and science in a fun way that will encourage them to explore math and science.

Were you at TechFest? What was your favorite exhibit?


  1. Andrea Pakulski says:

    Sounds like a fun – and delicious – event. Great job Amy.

  2. Kim Messer says:

    I think these events are great for kids — to show them the variety of careers in technical fields. Some friends of mine from church attended the event and said it was wonderful — they’re looking forward to next year already.

  3. Megan Miller says:

    Hands-on learning opportunities that allow kids to be creative and determine their interests early are great motivators for them to excel now and in the future. Thanks to our LJB team for continuing to be involved in great events like this.

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