Area High School Students Participate in Miniature Bridge Competition

SummitMBBCLast week the atmosphere of the University of Akron was buzzing with creative intensity. On January 25th, Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer, hosted the 13th Annual Miniature Bridge Building Competition (MBBC) at the university’s Student Union.

LJB’s Mike Eddy and I joined other professional engineers and high school faculty members to give words of encouragement to the students. Jim Tressel, Vice President for Strategic Planning for the University of Akron, also stopped by to encourage students to pursue education and careers in engineering.

After about three hours of construction, the bridges were brought on stage to be load tested. Bridge after bridge broke under the increased weight hanging from the center of the bridges. Based on a ratio determined by the weight of the bridge and the weight of the load held by the bridge, Portage Lakes Career Center, Team 1 was awarded the grand prize – the Challenge Cup.

LJB is proud to co-sponsor this annual event that is designed to encourage high school students to implement scientific and mathematical principles they have learned in the classroom.

We look forward to working with the county on another great MBBC next year.

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