Matt Bell Named to TCA Board of Directors

MGBCongratulations to Matt Bell for his election to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s (TCA) Board of Directors. Matt joins 14 other design and construction professionals serving on the board. This announcement was made today at the TCA Annual Meeting during World of Concrete.

Matt was nominated for the board by the TCA’s Executive Committee, in part to recognize his leadership in redeveloping the TCA’s Tilt-Up Engineering Manual.

In his role as a project manager and structural engineer at LJB, Matt has designed dozens of tilt-up concrete buildings.  He also serves as LJB’s lead field engineer, supporting the CON/STEEL AllianceTM by providing hands-on tilt-up construction training.  This combination of design and construction experience allows Matt to bring a unique perspective to the board.

tcasmallIn 1986, LJB was a founding member of the TCA, an organization with a mission to expand and improve upon the use of tilt-up as the preferred building system.  Matt’s election continues LJB’s long history of service to the TCA board and its committees, including Mike Sugrue and me as past presidents.

Congratulations again, Matt. We know you will serve the industry well.


  1. Aaron Crist says:

    Congratulations Matt! I’ve known you 20 plus years now and to see this isn’t surprising in my eyes. You’ve always been committed to the job in hand and performed at a high level. Keep up the good work buddy!

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