When Lives are at Stake, Don’t Play the Odds

ISFP_LOGO_SolidBlue_orangeWhen planning a trip to Las Vegas, most people know that they’ll be playing the odds. Even though they know the odds aren’t in their favor, they play anyway, hoping to be the lucky one.

With its upcoming symposium theme, Don’t Play the Odds, the International Society for Fall Protection (ISFP) is challenging people not to play the odds, especially related to fall protection, where there’s way more than money on the line. As president of ISFP, I am glad the board of directors selected this theme, which challenges the complacency that is often related to fall hazard risk. The consequences of a fall from height are too significant for anyone—manufacturers, employers or users—to be numb to fall hazard risk.

Some people think they can play the odds with fall protection because significant fall incidents don’t happen often. But, when falls do occur, they’re typically catastrophic and costly.  Unfortunately, the rarity of accidents can lull both management and workers into a false sense of security. Through the technical sessions and networking at the symposium, hopefully more people will understand the significant magnitude of fall protection issues.

The 2013 ISFP Symposium is being held June 27-28 in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the American Society of Safety Engineers Professional Development Conference and Expo.

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