One of Tilt-Up’s Finest Earns Industry Honor

Congratulations to Shawn Hickey of SiteCast Construction, a long-time partner of LJB as well as a personal friend of mine.  Shawn was recently named one of the five most influential people in the concrete industry for 2013 by Concrete Construction magazine.

ShawnHickeyOne of the things that has always set Shawn apart is his innovative spirit and his willingness to forge a new path.  He constantly pushes the boundaries of tilt-up construction, and challenges us as his building design engineers to help make his visions a reality.

LJB has partnered with Shawn and SiteCast on dozens of tilt-up projects, but I can easily pick out my favorite. The project was Kanata North Technology Park Phase IV, a four-story office building constructed in 1998.  Shawn’s vision was to introduce an improvement on the concrete-framed multi-story office building product being constructed in Ottawa, Ontario.  Rather than cladding these buildings with pre-cast panels, Shawn wanted to use tilt-up construction as both a cladding and a structural element.  The end result was a first-of-its-kind hybrid construction – single-story load-bearing architectural tilt-up wall panels on the perimeter with an interior core of cast-in-place columns, flat slab and shear walls.

After weeks of pre-planning and design, the building was constructed at the pace of one story per week, resulting in a four-story superstructure in only one month.  When I visited the site shortly after the project was finished, the pride of this accomplishment was obvious on the faces of Shawn and his SiteCast crew.

I could go on and on with stories about Shawn, his contributions to the tilt-up industry and the crazy things we’ve tried – but suffice it to say, the editors at Concrete Construction got it right when they named Shawn one of its five most influential people in 2013.

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