LJB Named as a Top Workplace in 2013

TopWorkplace_DaytonFor the second year in a row, LJB has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Dayton. Last fall, our staff participated in a workplace survey sponsored by the Dayton Daily News, where they had an opportunity to confidentially share how they feel about working at LJB.

Below are some comments our staff shared:

What do you find most motivational about working for LJB?

Working with some of the best in the industry motivates me to continue to elevate my performance.

What contributes most to you wanting to stay with LJB?

People are at the top of my list; the type of work is second.

I feel appreciated in my position. I feel like LJB has stood behind me as much as I have stood behind them. Also, the flexibility to my family is very important.

What contributes most to your recommending working at LJB to others?

The quality of staff and the clients we serve

Several things…the family-like culture, the challenges I’m given to solve, great people to work with, a firm that cares about you as a whole person

I am always pleased to hear that our employees think that LJB is a great place to work. As always, we also embrace the comments that focus on areas for improvement.

Thank you to our staff for your commitment to our clients, and for making LJB such a special firm.


  1. It’s an honor to be associated with such a high quality firm! It’s easy to take for granted the many benefits that LJB offers its staff, so it is great to see the unique and gratifying aspects of working here recognized.

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