Making the Air Barrier Argument for Tilt-Up

AirBarrier_TiltWith the forthcoming changes to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), air barrier requirements have been a hot topic in the design and construction industry. The requirements are designed to provide a more airtight building and significantly reduce energy waste.

The Construction Specifier recently published an article called “Making the Air Barrier Argument for Tilt-Up.” The article provides an overview of tilt-up, a review of the specific changes in the IECC and discusses why air barriers are critical.

In the article, LJB’s David Tomasula talks specifically about continuous insulation building envelopes and air barriers. He highlights how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is leading the way in incorporating air barrier requirements for building envelope construction.

Click here to read more about how tilt-up construction can provide a more airtight building envelope than competing wall systems like metal stud walls, metal siding, concrete and brick masonry.

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