Introducing the LJB Class of 2012

As we take a look back at 2012, it has been a busy year for LJB. Not only did we move into our new headquarters, but the LJB family grew significantly, welcoming seven new babies this year. It is a great joy to watch these families grow. Maybe there are a few future LJBers in the mix.

Congratulations to our LJB staff and their families on these new additions.  I am proud to introduce the LJB Baby Class of 2012, in order of arrival:

  1. Ethan – Andrea Pakulski and husband Erik
  2. Phillip – Shannon Mueller and husband Greg
  3. Savannah – Kevin and Megan Miller
  4. Andrew – Beth Sliemers and husband John
  5. Abigail – Jeff Little and wife Laura
  6. Grady – Dan Hoying and wife Chelsea
  7. Waylon – Andy Shahan and wife Katrina



  1. Congratulations! All very cute babies!!

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