Article Showcases the Most Colorful Wastewater Plant in Ohio

When the Village of Yellow Springs needed to upgrade their wastewater treatment plant, a plain gray facility just wouldn’t do. Instead, the Water and Wastewater Treatment Superintendent painted every building on the site a different color to identify specific buildings.

In the recent Ohio Water Environment Association’s Buckeye Bulletin – Issue 3, LJB’s John Eastman and Yellow Springs’ Superintendent Joe Bates profile the details that went into this project.

John points out the numerous improvements LJB made to the plant that eliminated Ohio EPA violations, replaced its aging equipment and increased operational flexibility and reliability in a cost effective manner.

Yellow Springs is happy with their new plant. “The results of this upgrade have been fantastic. The water quality is so much improved, especially during high flow events with utilizing the Overflow Basin. The effluent is crystal clear.” said Joe Bates.

You can read more about this unique wastewater treatment plant here.

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