Every Move You Make – Make It Safe

That is the motto of the Ohio Department of Transportation Highway Safety Program.

ODOT has one of the largest traffic safety programs in the country. The department dedicates about $72 million annually for engineering improvements at high-crash or severe-crash locations across the state.

Through multiple ongoing traffic safety study contracts, LJB works with ODOT to make safety improvement recommendations for many high-accident locations throughout the state. For each study, LJB identifies the factors that contribute to the safety problems at the given location or corridor and recommends the most effective countermeasures that will improve safety.

Recently, LJB examined the intersection of Airport Highway and Reynolds Road in Lucas County, Ohio, to identify reconfigurations that would reduce congestion and reduce traffic crashes.

This intersection is the 8th worst intersection in the state in fatal and severe injuries. In a three-year period, 223 crashes occurred here with more than 30% resulting in injury – well over the statewide average of 25%.

After analyzing crash data and performing a capacity analysis, LJB presented ODOT with numerous short- and medium-term countermeasures to improve the safety of the intersection. Some of the recommendations included increasing the visibility of traffic signals, constructing additional turn lanes, and installing raised medians.

ODOT was impressed with the short-term recommendations and is currently pursuing safety funds for construction of the proposed improvements. For this $1.8 million estimated intersection improvement, it is expected to yield a 50% return on investment – now that’s tax money well spent.

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