Safe Ladder Use Key to Fall Protection

We see statistics every day, but every once in a while one causes me to think twice.  According to the article “Higher Calling,” more than 500 people go to the hospital for a ladder-related accident every day.  While ladders are a staple in most American garages and many workplaces, this number still seems alarmingly high.

Every fall protection program employs different solutions, but one thing that remains constant is the use of ladders.  According to the article, there are three main causes of ladder accidents:  handling heavy equipment, using the wrong ladder size or type, and overreaching.  As the article points out, these misuses can often be avoided by taking a little extra time to get the job done right.

Of the 500 people that go to the hospital because of ladder accidents, 25 are permanently disabled and one dies. It’s worth the extra time to work with and from ladders safely.  Please review the basic rules of ladder safety provided in the article referenced above.  After all, the best fall protection is acting safely to prevent falls in the first place.

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