Tilt-Up Protects Against the Zombie Apocalypse

If you believe in the pop culture hype, it’s time to get prepared against the impending Zombie Apocalypse. The phenomenon is actually gaining some legitimacy, with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing a “Zombie Preparedness” campaign and military and police personnel training for a worldwide zombie pandemic.

Tilt-up construction vs. zombiesWith the zombies looming, it’s obvious that building owners can no longer be worried about only natural disasters like windstorms and earthquakes.

Fortunately, LJB has a certified ZorBud (Zombie-Resistant Building Designer), named Jeremy Falcone.  As I learned from Mr. Falcone, a pack of zombies can easily claw and tear through light-weight building wall systems such as sheathing over studs or metal wall panels.  With nothing but time on their hands, zombies can even weaken a brick or concrete masonry wall by digging their way through mortar joints – the same mortar joints that have the potential to allow moisture and air to penetrate a building envelope.

For the ultimate defense against zombies, Jeremy recommends protecting your loved ones and your business in a tilt-up concrete building.  The same solid reinforced concrete matrix of the exterior wall panels that is time-tested against hurricanes and earthquakes is also impenetrable to a zombie attack.  Additionally, the natural air-tightness of tilt-up buildings means that zombies can’t even smell the building occupants, which is a vital line of defense against attack.

So, when you plan your next building, plan for tilt-up construction. It will not only protect your business from wind and rain and earth shaking, but it will also keep you safe when the zombies arrive.

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