Adams Street Bridge Re-opens to Traffic

The Adams Street Bridge over the Great Miami River re-opened yesterday with a ribbon cutting and ceremonial first crossing of the bridge. Aided by excellent weather, the bridge was completed a month earlier than scheduled.

As part of the opening, representatives from Miami County, the city of Troy, and the Ohio Department of Transportation provided statements about the project.

John O’Brien, Miami County Commissioner, said, “Congratulations. You have invested in a monument,” directed to the organizations and citizens who helped fund this project.

The Adams Street Bridge, originally built in 1913, had significant deterioration and did not meet current ODOT design standards. Rather than replicating the existing bridge, LJB incorporated design solutions that reflected the bridge’s historic surroundings and original structure, while meeting current design standards in a cost-effective manner.

The bridge is more than 500 feet long and accommodates one lane of traffic in each direction, as well as a raised sidewalk on one side and a raised bike path on the other side. Aesthetic enhancements for the bridge include decorative lighting, brick pavers, aesthetic parapets and arched fascia panels that give the structure the appearance of an arched bridge. The bridge also features overlooks for pedestrians on each side.


  1. Andrea Pakulski says:

    Residents of Troy must be excited about this bridge. WHIO interviewed a woman who wanted to have her ashes thrown over the new bridge when she passes away.

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