Nominate Your Project for Assistance from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund

Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance is accepting project nominations for assistance from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF). This program helps finance municipal wastewater and water quality improvement projects through a low-interest revolving loan program.

LJB has a history of assisting municipalities apply for this funding. With our assistance, the Village of Yellow Springs received this funding to make major improvements to their Water Reclamation Facility. And we helped Miami County receive funding for new sanitary sewers, a lift station and force main. These projects also received Principal Forgiveness funding, significantly reducing the cost to the owners.

Eligible projects include building or renovating wastewater plants and sewers, restoring aquatic habitat, improving home sewage treatment systems (HSTS) and best management practices for agriculture or forestry to reduce and prevent water pollution.

OEPA is accepting project nominations until Thursday November 8th. As in the past, funds will be available to equal the total of all amounts requested. Requests for Principal Forgiveness funding also must be submitted by November 8th.

Click here to for more information about this program and to access nomination forms, schedules and guidance (under the “What’s New” tab).

If you are interested in nominating one or more of your projects for this funding, please contact me at (937) 259-5795 or LJB will gladly work with you to submit your project before the November 8th deadline.

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