Making Workplaces Safer One Trainee at a Time

LJB is passionate about fall protection training, because we believe that only knowledgeable people can make the life-or-death decisions necessary for protecting workers at heights.  We’re thrilled with the number of training classes we’ve hosted recently, because it means that more people have the tools and knowledge they need to solve fall protection issues before they become problems—or worse, tragedies.

Here are some other statistics about our recent training classes.

  • 9 training sessions in 8 weeks
  • 7 states and 1 foreign country (Singapore)
  • 4 different time zones
  • 10 different organizations, representing 21 unique locations
  • 5 different training facilitators

Are your employees good, or have you just been lucky so far?  If you want to learn more about LJB’s fall protection training classes, click here for descriptions and upcoming dates.

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