Learning from Yellowstone: How to Apply Sustainable Practices to your Organization

Yellowstone National Park is a revered leader in advancing sustainable practices. LJB’s Jim Evanoff spent 23 years of his career with the National Park Service at Yellowstone implementing a wide variety of innovative green practices.  Some of these practices includeg recycling plastic generated in the park into carpet backing, obtaining hybrid vehicles, and a variety of water- and energy-saving measures.

But, you don’t have to be a prestigious national park to create a sustainable workplace. Yellowstone’s efforts can be scaled for use by smaller parks, communities and businesses. In fact, LJB applied numerous new and creative ways to reduce waste and conserve energy as we renovated our new office.

We recently displayed this topic as a poster presentation at the international EcoSummit 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. By showing attendees real world examples of how they can reduce their negative impact on the environment, I hope they return to their organization and take real steps toward reducing their carbon footprint.

This table highlights just some of the sustainable initiatives Yellowstone implemented and ways you can apply them to your organization. How have you implemented sustainable practices into your life?

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