LJB Hosts Dayton-area Bike Education Tour

Last week, LJB, ODOT and MVRPC presented SafeBET, a bicycle education tour through the cities of Kettering and Beavercreek.

This half-day training class included a 12-mile ride along city streets, bike lanes, shared use paths, arterial roadways with roundabouts, and rural roadways with and without shoulders. The objective of the ride was to educate and train public officials, engineers and planners on the proper design of various bicycle facilities.

Leading the group were experienced and knowledgeable instructors representing MVRPC, and the cities of Kettering and Dayton, including riders who are certified by the League of American Bicyclists. At various points along the route, the group stopped to discuss proper design elements, lessons learned, best practices, the most current and accepted design standards, and potential new updates to the AASHTO guide.

“It was great to see the different jurisdictions come together for a morning of learning and fellowship. The variety of bike facilities was very educational, and we were able to get people on bikes who haven’t been in years” said Larry Sack, a senior engineer and active transportation advocate for LJB.

Riding within these different bicycle facilities allowed me to gain a better understanding of what it is like to ride on the types of facilities LJB designs. I recommend organizing a similar education event if you are considering active transportation options for your projects. Engaging stakeholders that represent various modes and abilities in the planning process will give you valuable insight on the appropriate solution for that location.

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