LJB expertise bolsters Singapore fall protection program

I recently spent a week in Singapore, representing LJB and serving in my role as the president of the International Society for Fall Protection.  I appreciate all the hospitality my hosts showed me during the visit. I was honored to tour a shipyard, a construction site and other locations to observe fall hazards—not unlike what I see in our country.

Singapore, which is literally halfway around the world, is undertaking a significant effort to protect workers at heights, and LJB is supporting them as a subject matter expert. With our expertise in fall protection, we will assist Singaporean organizations by identifying fall hazards, reviewing their policies, abating hazards and providing training.

Although there are certainly some pointed differences between work in Singapore and work in the United States, many fall protection challenges are the same.  For our clients in the U.S., we are continuously reinforcing the importance of training and the idea of looking beyond personal equipment to protect workers.  The same issues are at play in Singapore.  It appears that the overuse and misuse of equipment are issues for work at heights around the world.

It is exciting to be a part of this important movement to increase safety for workers in Singapore. I was honored to provide a keynote address at the inaugural Singapore Work at Heights Conference this year, and I’m encouraged to know that the event organizers are already planning next year’s event to continue safer work at height.

It is inspiring to realize that with our work, we can truly improve the quality of life—even for people halfway around the world.

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