Grocery Store Improves Energy Efficiency with Insulated Tilt-Up Panels

When Adams Fairacre Farms planned to build their fourth store in Wappinger, New York, they were going to use load-bearing CMU (concrete masonry unit) like the other stores. But, the contractor suggested they consider insulated tilt-up wall panels instead.

Storm King Group, a CON/STEEL Alliance™ member, served as the general contractor for this project, and LJB Inc. provided structural engineering.

By selecting tilt-up for this 56,000-square-foot grocery store, the design-build team was able to accommodate the desired aesthetic, significantly improve energy efficiency and save on schedule and cost. To provide a solid, more energy efficient building shell, the owner selected insulated tilt-up wall panels that feature the 3-inch Thermomass® insulation system.

Tilt-up provided several advantages during construction as well. The flexibility of tilt-up allowed the design-build team to accommodate last-minute changes in the field. The formwork for this building was complex with very little repetition in forming and placing of panels – 50 of the 66 tilt-up panels were unique. The project was also constructed during significant winter conditions, but Storm King Group continued construction with the use of thermal blankets and heat enclosures during panel formation.

The facility has unique architectural appeal with complex detailing that required coordination for the offset gables and various slopes of tilt-up with structural steel and light gage dormers. The brick formliner provides the aesthetic of masonry without the thermal inefficiencies of CMU.


  1. well informative post you share hare , It seems as eco- friendly ……….

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