Farmersville-West Carrollton Road Bridge Reopens

At a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, the bridge carrying Farmersville-West Carrollton Pike over the Great Miami River in the City of West Carrollton reopened after being closed for six months.

Originally constructed in 1972, this 600-foot bridge was in poor condition. LJB worked with the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office on a solution that improved the safety of the bridge and extended the life of the structure.

Instead of completely replacing the bridge, which would have cost more than $5 million and would have taken 18 months to complete, LJB proposed rehabilitating the bridge. This approach reduced both the construction cost and shortened the construction schedule by more than half.

Shortening the project schedule was important to the county because this project coincided with a city-led roadway improvement project adjacent to the bridge. By coordinating these two projects, residents and businesses along the river experienced only minimal traffic disruptions.

“LJB’s design enabled this federally-funded bridge project to be awarded on schedule and constructed in coordination with the city’s adjacent roadway improvement project,” said Rick Splawinski, the Montgomery County Deputy Engineer. “This new bridge will provide a reliable, year-around route across the Great Miami River in West Carrollton for many years.”


  1. Raven Debbie Hunter says:

    This bridge, ‘originally constructed in 1972’ actually replaced a much older bridge, which I remember travelling over many times on the way to our church in Ellerton. I have been looking for a photo of that original bridge and can’t seem to find one anywhere. That older bridge had the old trusses overhead and was a bit scary for me as a kid. If anyone has a photo of it, I would love to have a copy….

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