Protecting Data from the Outside In

The demand for data centers is exploding, according to Building Design + Construction magazine. More companies are shifting to off-site data centers, which is driving a surge in data center construction.

Data centers are considered mission critical facilities and must be designed to stay online and operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While many companies focus on the hardware inside the facility, the building envelope cannot be overlooked.

For years, designers in California and Florida have known that tilt-up’s natural attributes make it the most economical choice to withstand seismic conditions and hurricane force winds for emergency response facilities like fire stations and TV broadcast facilities.  This same structural resiliency can be employed for data centers, keeping critical facilities intact and operational while protecting equipment and personnel.

Additionally, insulated tilt-up panels create a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, optimizing the performance of hardware at the heart of data centers.

As more data centers come online, be sure to protect your data from the outside in with a durable, insulated tilt-up building shell. Tilt-up’s ability to protect people and property in critical times – combined with an optimum thermal envelope – make it the natural choice for data center construction.

Contact us to discuss how tilt-up can meet your data center design and construction needs.

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