National Park Service Veteran Joins LJB

With more than 30 years of experience with the National Park Service (NPS), Jim Evanoff has joined LJB as a senior environmental scientist. His work will focus on environmental compliance and sustainability projects.

For the last 23 years of his career with NPS, he oversaw the environmental activities at Yellowstone National Park. Under his leadership, the park implemented a wide variety of innovative green practices including recycling all plastic generated in the park into carpet backing, recycling all glass for reuse in the park, obtaining hybrid vehicles, and implementing a variety of water and energy saving measures.

His experience with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)-related compliance is just as impressive. One of his most notable projects was the planning and Environmental Impact Statement for the wolf reintroduction program at Yellowstone.

Jim is passionate about promoting environmental stewardship programs. He serves as an expert in sustainability, speaking at symposiums and conferences across the country and advising a variety of federal and local agencies on implementing sustainable practices.

Heather Lacey, a project manager and fellow environmental scientist at LJB comments, “I am extremely impressed by Jim’s extensive experience. I look forward to learning from his expertise and important work for our nation’s parks.”

We are very pleased to have Jim join the LJB family and look forward to working with such an industry veteran.

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