An Exciting New Beginning: LJB Headquarters Moves

For many, the day after Labor Day means the end—the end of summer and all the activities that come with it. At LJB, this day signifies an exciting new beginning.  On September 4, LJB will open a new headquarters office at 2500 Newmark Drive in Miamisburg, Ohio, just south of Dayton.

Over the past year, we have tapped into the creativity of our staff to revive an old building into a modern space that reinforces and articulates our unique culture.

With our new space, we have focused on the things that are important to our staff, our clients and our core purpose—improving the quality of life.  Earlier this month, we hosted a blessing of the building to faithfully commit to the new space.  We asked for blessings on our work and the impact it has on all who encounter it.

While a new home won’t change who we are and what we do, it allows us to better express what is most important to us.

To Serve as Hosts: We are called to treat our clients and colleagues as guests.  Our new space was planned to make guests feel special and appreciated, while providing for their practical needs.

To Attract and Retain Unmatched Talent:  The new space was designed with spaces for our employees to work, learn, collaborate and have fun. In addition, our new location provides better access for current and future employees from the Dayton area, as well as from Cincinnati.

To Work Sustainably:  Each decision we made about the new space considered the impact on the environment.  Geothermal mechanical systems, recycled materials and an employee-run sustainability committee are just some of the results of our focus on sustainability.

If you have any questions about our move, please contact us at (937) 259-5000, before, during and after the move.

Please update your address books:

LJB Inc.
2500 Newmark Drive
Miamisburg, OH  45342

* Please note that we will no longer accept mail via a P.O. Box

* Phone numbers will remain the same


  1. Maureen Schlangen says:

    Dear friends at LJB: Congratulations on this great move. Looking forward to seeing your new space.

  2. Mike Zettler says:

    Way cool!! So proud of all of you for how you stay true to your values and seek constant improvement. I look forward to our first meeting in the great new spaces! Zettler

  3. Cindy Wallace says:

    Congrats to LJB. I hope everyone enjoys their new home away from home. Looking forward to your Open House!

  4. Looking forward to seeing this new space.

  5. Ralph Norman says:

    Congratulations on your new space! I hope to make it to your open-house next week.


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