I’m an “LJBer”

When LJB management asks employees what they like about working here, the answers often revolve around people, culture and community.  It’s nice to see those words on employee surveys and reviews, but it’s even better when they become part of the language of the firm.

I am often reminded of the special culture of this company when I hear employees refer to themselves and their colleagues as “LJBers.”  It reinforces the idea that we’re a strong community, committed to each other through history, values and purpose.

I know employees of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts are referred to as cast members. And, workers at Subway are called sandwich artists. But, being an LJBer is less of a title and more of an indication of team or alliance. By acknowledging each other as LJBers, we commit that we’re in this together.

I’m proud of our community and culture.  I’m proud to call myself an LJBer.


  1. Nick Frank says:

    Congratulations LJB you have done a lot of good work over the years. Thank You


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