Article Highlights How to Implement Complete Streets in Four Steps

Complete streets policies often have strong backing from local government leaders because of the diverse benefits to the community. After a complete streets policy is adopted, the hard work of implementing the policies is often left to the individual transportation or public works agency.

In the July issue of the APWA Reporter, LJB senior traffic engineer Beth Sliemers uses case studies to show how public agencies can implement a complete streets policy by following a four-step approach. 

Beth points out in the article that transforming a policy into operation can be a challenge, but following these implementation steps will help communities realize the benefits that come from adopting a complete street policy.

Click here to read the full article.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, LJB senior transportation planner Larry Sack will be co-presenting: “Implementing a Complete Streets Policy – From the Largest Cities to the Smallest Towns” at the APWA International Congress and Exposition on August 28 in Anaheim, California. Click here to see the full conference schedule.

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