Roadway Relocation Facilitates New Hospital Construction

When the new Springfield Regional Medical Center opened at Plum and North Streets in downtown Springfield, Ohio, patients, visitors and staff had an easier time getting there, because of roadway improvements LJB designed.

To accommodate the increased capacity around this medical center, the City of Springfield determined that U.S. 40 (North Street) needed to be completely realigned.

LJB designed the relocation and reconstruction of a 0.4-mile stretch of three-lane, one-way roadway to consolidate the intersection of North Street and Columbia Street with Lowry Avenue and the hospital access.

The construction for the relocation started a full month ahead of schedule to facilitate the hospital’s construction. If construction had happened on schedule, “we weren’t sure if we could get the front (of the hospital) done in time,” the hospital’s facility manager told the Springfield News-Sun.

The design included a 5-foot sidewalk and tree lawn on the relocated North Street. It also called for milling and resurfacing of several approaching roadways – Columbia Street, Yellow Springs Street, Plum Street and Wittenburg Avenue. Utility design included a relocated sanitary sewer, a new storm drainage design and new water mains. Right-of-way design included consolidating 60 parcels.

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