Article highlights how SecureTILT® saves money and lives

Blast protection of buildings has gained significant attention in recent years. To protect building occupants, the Department of Defense upgraded anti-terrorism/force protection standards, including progressive collapse avoidance.

Development Magazine recently featured an article titled Protecting Buildings from Structural Impacts. This article showcases significant schedule and cost savings realized through SecureTILT®, a model for progressive collapse avoidance and blast resistant construction that leverages tilt-up concrete wall panels.

As stated in the article, “as more and more government agencies require high levels of protection for their facilities, SecureTILT site cast concrete may be a cost effective way to save money, but more importantly, lives.”

SecureTILT is a design-build solution engineered to meet the latest requirements for progressive collapse avoidance and medium-level blast protection. The SecureTILT team includes LJB Inc., Morgan-Keller, Inc. and other leaders in the industry.

To read the full article, click here and download the PDF document.

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