Zartman and Tilt-Up: A natural transition

The first day of tilting wall panels on a tilt-up project is always exciting. For Zartman Construction, who tilted its first ever tilt-up panels last week, it also marks an evolution of their business.

Zartman’s extensive experience with concrete construction and fleet of cranes made for a natural transition to tilt-up construction. To learn tilt-up specific skills and best practices, Brian Bartels and Matt Bell of LJB were on site with Zartman last week to answer questions and help tilt and place the first few panels.

The project is an expansion to the GE Inspection Technologies facility in Lewistown, Pa. Tilt-up was selected for the 35,300-square-foot expansion because it allowed GE to incorporate its corporate image, provide a distinct architectural façade and achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Zartman knew tilt-up had the flexibility to meet GE’s needs, but the site constraints were a challenge. With limited room for casting beds to accommodate 40-foot-tall panels, the design-build team of Zartman and LJB determined that casting and tilting two separate sets of panels was the best approach.

For more photos of Zartman tilting panels, check out the GE Inspection Technologies Facebook page. Like their page for regular updates on the project’s progress.

Congratulations to Zartman, a member of the CON/STEEL Alliance™, for tilting their first panels. We look forward to working with Zartman to grow tilt-up construction in the Susquehanna River Valley of Pennsylvania.


  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Congratulations, it’s a good transition, moving on to tilt-up panels ! Let me know if I can be of any assistance in expediting your site operations?

    Thank You,


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