All LJB divisions focus on safety

Even though June is recognized as National Safety Month, the LJB Safety division focuses on reducing risk and increasing safety all year. And, it’s more than just the Safety division at LJB that makes safety a priority.  It might not be immediately obvious, but our Facilities and Infrastructure divisions also focus on safety in their own unique ways.

Crash diagram for intersection safety study

The work in our Infrastructure division directly contributes to the safety of the traveling public. Our staff factors in safety when designing roads, bridges, intersections, interchanges and traffic signals. We have completed dozens of traffic safety studies for the Ohio Department of Transportation to identify ways to make Ohio roadways safer for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Our team also contributes to safer drinking water for the communities we serve by designing water and wastewater treatment plant improvements.

In the Facilities division, we have a specialty in site cast tilt-up building method.  One of the main benefits of this method is the safety of construction workers.  With this method, workers do the majority of their work from ground level, minimizing the need for scaffolding and lifts.  Considering the number of fall fatalities in the construction industry every year, this method contributes significantly to overall safety.

While we live and breathe safety in our division, it’s clear that safety is a priority for everyone at LJB.  After all, how can we live up to our core purpose—to improve the quality of life—if we don’t account for the safety of our clients and the communities they serve?

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