Protecting Airmen from Fall Hazard Risk

When most people think about protecting our military personnel, fall protection isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind.  But, if they aren’t properly protected, airmen can be at significant risk while performing maintenance on aircraft.  To assist the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) in increasing safety, as well as compliance with Air Force safety standards, LJB provided competent person fall protection training. Class participants included aircraft maintenance supervisors and safety personnel.

In addition to reducing risk for airmen working at heights, the in-depth information we provided on fall protection helps AFRC make positive steps toward compliance with changes to two Air Force safety standards: AFOSH 91-100 IC and AFOSH 91-501 Chapter 13.  The course also covered the primary elements of the ANSI Z359 fall protection standards.

The participants were exposed to all the areas that directly affect and influence working at heights above 4 feet during flightline operations.  Classroom sessions, as well as hands-on training, gave the participants a unique perspective into all aspects of risks associated with working at heights.

I love to see a comment on the course evaluation form that says, “Absolutely the best fall protection training I’ve ever had!”  This just reconfirms that the participants now have the knowledge to protect themselves and their fellow airmen against fall hazard risk.

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