Owners’ Visions Become Reality with Tilt-Up Versatility

Letter Carrier Depot 64-foot-wide tilt-up concrete panel

Front entry panel for Staples Business Depot in Kemptville

At LJB, we don’t just sit around and think up new ways to design and construct buildings. This kind of innovation is often born out of a need to deliver an owner’s vision for their new facility.

SiteCast Construction, a CON/STEEL Alliance™ member in Ottawa, Ontario, continues to make visions a reality with creative applications of tilt-up construction.

When the owner of the Letter Carrier Depot in Ottawa envisioned a distinct entry, SiteCast President Shawn Hickey knew tilt-up could deliver. To accommodate the eye-catching entry, SiteCast worked with LJB to design a 64-foot-wide tilt-up concrete panel. To complicate the design, the wide spandrel panel rested on a steel column at one end. An innovative sleeve detail integral with the panel was used to facilitate the connection.

A tilt-up panel of this size also required unusual lifting techniques.  By attaching horizontal stiffening beams along the width of the panel for strength, it was lifted with only eight lifting points.

On another recent project, SiteCast needed a massive concrete panel at the front entry of a Staples Business Depot in Kemptville, instead of using less durable metal studs and exterior drywall. The owner’s vision included a front entry with recessed doors, and Hickey challenged LJB to find a way to design it as one tilt-up concrete panel. The entry panel was four inches thick with steel tubes cast into the legs of the panel to reduce overall panel weight. The entry soffit was also cast as part of the wall panel. The innovative design saved time and money by eliminating additional trades to finish the entry.

As CON/STEEL Alliance members find more creative ways to leverage tilt-up concrete wall panels, LJB’s design team continues to support their creativity with innovative design solutions that expand the versatility of tilt-up.  Challenging the perceived limits of tilt-up makes it a viable option for more building owners.

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