Make Way for Bicycles

If you could get to where you wanted to go without using your car, would you do it? As part of a series of interactive workshops, Larry Sack, P.E., a senior traffic engineer and complete streets advocate, educated community leaders and public officials on how they can integrate bicycles into their roadway systems. Larry’s primary message is this: “We should all be committed to using more active, healthier and less carbon-intensive transportation. Creating shared roadways is an underutilized way to do it.”

Larry led engineers, planners and designers from area municipalities and public agencies through a Federal Highway Administration course focused on how to accommodate bicycles in the street. The main lesson is that bicyclists have the same responsibilities and legal right to use the roadways as motor vehicles. In the second part of the workshop, attendees interacted with each other to discuss bicycle facility successes and challenges in the Miami Valley region.

Our goal is for the attendees to take what they learned in this workshop and apply it to their agency’s design standards. Well-designed streets have the potential to bring people together and become an amenity for your community. Hopefully at our next workshop, we’ll be highlighting your agency’s success story.

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