Fall protection peer group benefits petrochemical industry

Writing advisors and presentation professionals always say to avoid using overplayed business terms like “recreating the wheel,”  “best practices” and “lessons learned.”  But sometimes, those things are legitimate and provide real value to an organization. 

LJB recently organized a group of petrochemical industry professionals to talk about fall protection.  The goal of the group is to share lessons learned and best practices to help other organizations.  When it comes to a life and death issue like fall protection, ignoring lessons learned and best practices or recreating the wheel can mean a serious injury or fatality and potentially a lot of money.

By talking about fall protection challenges, every participating organization can achieve greater consistency and efficiency in fall protection policies and solutions.  During the group’s first session in April, LJB posed the question:  Do you have a procedure regarding what can be used as an anchorage for fall protection?  While the majority of participants answered yes to the question, the differences in the procedures varied greatly.  Some organizations allowed anchorage to pipes of certain sizes and others had very specific requirements.  Seeing these differences allowed each organization to evaluate their own policies.

In LJB’s quest to improve the quality of life, we are organizing this group to make a difference.  No matter what buzzwords and industry jargon we use to describe it, we believe that this peer group can help organizations save lives, reduce risk and manage budgets. 

At the recent American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturer’s Association (AFPM) National Safety Conference, the need for this group was validated, as many attendees told me about significant fall protection challenges.  We’re looking forward to increasing participation during our next peer group session in July.  Contact me for more information about the group.

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