Unique Intersection Design Alleviates Common Roadway Challenges

Sometimes standard design solutions to common roadway problems just aren’t enough. In Fairfield, Ohio, one intersection– State Route 4 and State Route 4 Bypass (Bypass 4)—had a history of significant traffic delays and numerous crashes. Standard design solutions didn’t meet acceptable levels of service or project requirements, so the city and LJB had to get creative.

The team developed an innovative quadrant road intersection (QRI) design – the first in the country. The purpose of a QRI is to relieve congested intersections by removing left-turn movements. All four left-turn movements are rerouted to a connector roadway, providing significantly higher levels of service than traditional solutions.

You don’t often see engineers gathered around a table hand drawing with curve templates on aerials anymore, but that’s exactly what happened for this project. Once the solution was determined, LJB designed the details of the curve widening, signal timing, traffic control and pavement elevations.

As the construction of the project nears completion, the team is confident that the revised intersection will result in reduced delays, fewer crashes and enhanced regional mobility. In addition to the new intersection design, LJB widened Bypass 4 to four lanes, designed a bridge over the CSX railroad and improved an adjacent intersection. Other features include roadway design, traffic analysis, traffic signal design with video detection, illuminated signage and right of way.

Few cities would undertake a project of this size without federal funding. Fairfield’s willingness to take on this project, along with its passion, engagement and flexibility made this innovative design a success. At LJB, the project involved significant effort by several service areas including transportation planning, survey, roadway, traffic, bridge, water, environmental, right of way, construction engineering and coordination with other key project stakeholders and team members.

For additional information and recent project photos, please visit the city’s project website at http://www.fairfield-city.org/bypass4/index.cfm

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