LJB Announces Fall Protection Webinar Series

Based on the changing landscape of fall protection standards and related equipment updates, LJB has developed a bimonthly webinar series to help organizations protect their workers at heights.  The remaining topics and schedule for the year are listed below, and you can register by clicking on active links. If you would prefer to be added to our direct mailing list for invitations, please click here.

We look forward to engaging with anyone who needs help reducing risk for workers at heights during the following scheduled sessions:

  • March 22 and 27:   Managed Fall Protection Programs (see recorded version)
  • May 24 and 29:  Assessing fall protection anchor points (see recorded version)
  • July 26 and 31:  Effective fall protection training
  • September 18 and 25:  Assessing existing fall protection systems
  • November 15 and 20: Facility fall protection (roofs and window washing)

You can also access recorded versions of the previous sessions in our fall protection webinar series, by clicking on our Slideshare portfolio.

If there are fall protection topics that you would like to see addressed in a future webinar, please let us know.


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