Every Week is Engineers Week at LJB

It’s National Engineers Week – a week to celebrate the positive contributions engineers make. Since more than half of our staff is engineers, we see those contributions every week. This week we decided to ask some of our engineers why they do what they do.

Beth Hundt, an LJB traffic engineer, appreciates that even though her skills are used behind the scenes, she sees the results of her calculations as she drives through intersections of projects she designs. Along those lines, Amy Moore, a bridge engineer, also says she enjoys watching her designs being used by the traveling public.

Similarly, Jake Barbour said his favorite thing about being a transportation engineer is seeing a completed design after the roadway has been constructed. He enjoys sharing his projects with family and friends and likes to point out the challenging aspects of the projects that most people don’t see.

And, just like the stereotype suggests, engineers also like to be problem solvers.

Jeremy Falcone, an LJB structural engineer, appreciates being part of a team that uncovers solutions for building owners. Mike Shell, a safety engineer, enjoys being out in the field, working closely with clients to figure out creative ways to solve their challenging fall protection issues. John Eastman, an environmental engineer, likes solving the variety of concerns that impact our environment.

Hats off to our industry and the bright men and women who look for ways to improve the quality of life.

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