Strengthening Project Management through PMPs

When you do anything for 4,500 hours, it’s more than a pastime—it’s an area of expertise. To become a project management professional (PMP), an individual has to demonstrate 4,500 hours of project management experience, in addition to 35 hours of project management training, followed by studying for the actual certification exam.

By earning the PMP certification, LJB senior project manager, Jeff Griffin, Ph.D., P.E., PMP, showed that his commitment to project management is about more than just completing projects. It’s a way to focus on problem solving and streamlining projects for our clients.

“As a PMP, we gain a perspective on managing projects in other industries,” Griffin said. “We can leverage this knowledge, and determine the best way to apply the principles and continue to improve how we manage projects.”

Other PMPs at LJB include Dan Hoying, Tracey Riepenhoff and Andy Shahan. As more of our professionals earn the PMP certification, we will share project management best practices to continuously improve our processes and exceed client expectations.

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