LJB recognized as a great place to work

Our staff confirmed again what so many of us have known for years: LJB is a great place to work.

We recently participated in a workplace survey sponsored by the Dayton Daily News, and LJB was recognized as one of the best places to work.  Through the survey, employees were able to share how they felt about working at LJB.

What makes our company so special?

According to the survey, employees pointed to each other and the family atmosphere of the company.  Our staff also noted the flexibility LJB gives them, which allows for a better balance of life, family and career. And, when it comes to the work we’re doing, employees feel that they are working with the best technically skilled professionals in the industry.

All of us at LJB are dedicated to improving the quality of life for not only our clients, but for our fellow employees too.

Andy Shahan, LJB project manager, provides entertainment for the coffee house

Our Social Events Committee hosted a coffee house event to thank everyone for their dedication to improving the firm and the honest feedback they provided. The coffee house–complete with specialty coffees and pastries—gave employees the chance to take a break and enjoy the camaraderie they appreciate so much.  Plus, a little sugar and caffeine in the morning never hurts.

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