Prevention Through Design standard puts safety first

When LJB first got into the fall protection business almost 20 years ago, we focused our efforts—and even our business name—around the concept of Safety by Design.  Specifically, we challenged organizations to incorporate safety early in the design of new structures and processes.

We are excited to see that the American National Standards Institute has validated our efforts—and those of many other safety organizations—with the implementation of a Prevention Through Design (PtD) standard.  This week, the ANSI /ASSE Z590.3 standard became effective, essentially guiding organizations through the process of applying PtD concepts to minimize occupational risks.

We have seen our Safety by Design concept deliver impressive results for clients like Chevron, the Architect of the Capitol and General Motors.  I am confident that this Prevention through Design standard will make a significant impact on reducing risk for workers.

To learn more about how to apply this concept to your organization, LJB project manager, Craig Galecka P.E., C.S.P., will be co-presenting on Prevention Through Design at the ASSE 2012 conference in Denver on June 5.

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