Army Net Zero Energy Conference Focuses on Self-Sustaining Installations

Last week, I attended the Army Net Zero Energy Conference, supporting the U.S. Army’s Net Zero Energy program. More than 400 attendees gathered to hear industry experts present case studies and state-of-the-art advancements in water technologies, waste management and methods to reduce energy use. Some of the Army installations participating in the Net Zero Energy Program presented case studies about how they will reach the net zero goal of only using as much energy as they create by 2020.

This conference was a great opportunity for Army leaders to learn about affordable alternative energy solutions. The conference also featured several energy-focused exhibitors like LJB’s strategic partner Greensleeves. LJB and Greensleeves have partnered to offer a high-performance building that incorporates harvesting, storage and distribution of energy – key attributes for the Army Net Zero program.

The Army wants to be seen as a national leader in energy, waste and water conservation and eventually expand this program to all Army bases. LJB and Greensleeves have made a commitment to affordable alternative energy, and we look forward to supporting the U.S. Army and other organizations with sustainability goals reach net zero energy.

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