Risk Assessment: Win-Win for Safety

As we have all experienced, just because you prioritize one thing, doesn’t mean everything else goes away.  Safety professionals are all juggling different priorities in an effort to reduce risk and create a safer environment for workers.  Because LJB is solely focused on fall protection, we don’t always remember that fall protection isn’t always top of mind.

But, we are glad to hear when a client tells us that the work we do to improve fall protection makes a positive impact on their ability to do their jobs.

Luke Mazur, from Marathon Petroleum Company Detroit Refinery recently said this:  “LJB’s risk assessment provided us with a tool that made it easy for us to prioritize work associated with fall protection, while managing all the other work going on around us.”

We’re glad to help make workers safer from falls, but it’s even better when what we provide also improves the ability to deliver overall safety for workers.  I can’t think of a better win-win.

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