The key difference – LJB fall protection training

I have often felt that LJB’s fall protection training is different from some of the other offerings in the industry.  After some conversations at a recent internal continuous improvement meeting, it became clear why our training is so unique.  Our training is different because our goals are more fundamentally aligned with yours—to reduce risk for workers at heights. 

While I have no doubt that equipment manufacturers can provide accurate information about regulations, best practices, and especially about their equipment, the reality is that they ultimately want you to try, and buy, their products.  Climbing around on their test tower using equipment they sell – whether it’s the original manufacturer or a distributor – is their version of a test drive.  The test drive increases the likelihood that you’ll buy the equipment from them.

We don’t waste time putting people on a training tower, while the rest of the class sits idle.  We focus on the intricacies of equipment components overall—not specific models—to point out their capabilities and limitations. Why?  Because our singular motivation is to make workplaces safer.  Unlike most training providers, we have no incentive to put you in equipment so that you will buy it.

We believe there is real value in providing unbiased, comprehensive education about all products and systems on the market—as well as methods and solutions that don’t require PPE.  Based on our long list of satisfied trainees, it seems that many of you believe that too.

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