What is a fall protection specialist?

When I tell someone that I’m a fall protection specialist, I typically assume they know exactly what I mean. At LJB, our fall protection specialists literally live and breathe fall protection—it’s all we do.  We study regulations and standards, research equipment, perform fall hazard risk assessments, provide training and design solutions, among other things. But, after reviewing a recent LinkedIn discussion, I realized that the term fall protection specialist may not be as clear as I imagined. 

Through a LinkedIn group, someone asked the seemingly innocuous question: “Are there any fall protection specialists out there?”  The answers were all over the map, from fall protection equipment manufacturers to someone using fall protection for recreation.  Some people that responded worked in places that focused on fall protection; some didn’t claim to be experts, but had “pretty good knowledge.”

Fall protection can be a matter of life and death for workers at heights.  If you’re looking for a fall protection specialist, make sure that you’re clear on what that means.  You need more than “pretty good knowledge” to properly protect employees.

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