New OSHA Fall Protection Regulations Are Coming

The proposed changes to OSHA’s general industry fall protection regulations (29 CFR 1910) stand to have a major impact on how fall protection is implemented for maintenance activities.  Because of the potential effect this has on fall protection programs, LJB is monitoring the developments of this process closely.  We will continue to provide updates as the proposed rules make their way through the legislative process.

LJB has hosted two webinars to provide overviews of these proposed changes to our valued clients.  These presentations are available for public viewing through the Web at the following links:

Original overview of the proposed changes (August 2010)

Latest developments of proposed changes after OSHA public forum (March 2011)

If you have not already made yourself familiar with the proposed changes and the potential impacts they may have for your organization, I encourage you to review these presentations.  Although it is unlikely that the new regulations will be passed into law in the next few years, the magnitude of the potential changes requires a long-term implementation plan.

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