Spend Now, Save Later

Sometimes when we first start talking to clients about fall hazard risk assessments, they wonder if it’s really feasible or practical to identify ALL their hazards. Considering that we have identified more than 5,000 hazards at a single site before, I can understand how identifying all hazards could seem overwhelming. But, it’s not only feasible, it’s the most effective way to manage your risk AND your budget. And, although it may seem overwhelming, the ranked list of hazards that results from an assessment, actually simplifies your abatement strategy moving forward.

When we talk about cost, we jokingly say that “LJB is free,” when it comes to fall hazard risk assessments. Now, don’t get me wrong – we charge a fee for that service. But, we show you how to manage your risk and invest your budget in abating the hazards that reduce the most risk. Investing this way saves you more money in the long run than you spend upfront on the assessment. And, we often propose potential abatement solutions during the assessment phase that your organization may not have considered, but are more effective from both cost and safety perspectives. When this happens, you’ve paid for the assessment again.

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