Webinar Polls Provide Thought-Provoking Results

During our recent webinars on the proposed changes to OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910 regulations, we engaged in meaningful dialogue with other safety professionals on the potential impacts of these changes.  Many different issues were discussed, and we will continue to comment on relevant topics through the blog.  Following is a quick list of the results of the poll questions posed during the webinars.  I have found some of these results very interesting, and I’m interested in your thoughts about these items. 

1.  Have you read the entire OSHA proposed document?

Yes = 4%
Just the regulatory text = 3%
Portions of it = 17%
Not yet = 31%
No, that’s why I’m attending this webinar = 45%

2.  Do you plan to submit comments to OSHA?

Yes = 9%
No = 33%
Not sure yet = 58%

3.  Word association:  What is the first word you think of when I say fall protection?

Harness, lanyard or other PPE = 75%
Serious injury or fatality = 14%
Expensive = 3%
Confusing = 1%
Other = 7%

4.  Are you familiar with the ANSI Z359 family of standards?

Yes = 47%
No = 23%
Somewhat = 30%

5.  Have you read the ANSI Z359.2 standard?

Yes = 20%
No = 33%
Parts of it = 47%

6.  Have you read any of the ANSI Z359 standards that were published at the end of 2009?

Yes = 17%
No = 59%
Some of them = 24%

7.  Which of the following areas would you like to learn more about?

Anchorages = 29%
Fall hazard surveys = 44%
Training = 20%
Other = 7%

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