Fall Protection Training: Get What You Need – Part I

By understanding the type of training needed to maintain safety and foster continuous improvement for your fall hazard program, effective training can be and should be an achievable goal.   It will certainly have an impact on worker safety.

It’s important to know the right questions to ask when evaluating different training options to make sure you get what you need when it comes to fall protection training.

Four things that should be considered when improving or starting a fall protection training program are:

1.  What are the hazards at the facility? “Cookie-cutter” programs probably won’t address your specific hazards or types of equipment.

2.  Who needs training? Different workers need different levels of training – consider awareness, authorized person, competent person, etc.

3.  What are the expectations for participants to implement what they learn? Authorized person training that typically just covers a basic harness and lanyard is not adequate when your employees use much more than this.

4.  What sources can provide the type of training that my employees need? Seminars, conferences, OSHA and consultants provide varying levels of information.  Check qualifications and references before proceeding.  One last reminder: IACET accreditation can be a quality indicator.

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