Where is Your Greatest Fall Protection Risk?

In LJB’s experience with fall hazard risk assessments, we have found that a majority of the total fall hazard risk for a given organization can often be represented by a relatively small number of individual hazards.  So, one of the primary values that comes from performing an assessment is the knowledge of which hazards you should abate first to lower your risk as quickly as possible. 

In fact, we have found that you can significantly reduce your risk by abating a minimal amount of hazards – even in a complex where thousands of hazards are identified – as long as you know which hazards to abate.  For example, in a circumstance where 5,000 hazards were identified and prioritized by risk, we found that the top 1% of the hazards, or 50 specific hazards, constituted 32% of the overall risk. Furthermore, the top 10% of hazards, or 500 hazards, constituted 77% of their risk.  And, 98% of the fall hazard risk could be mitigated by addressing only half of the hazards – again, as long as you know which half to address.  While the specific numbers will vary slightly depending on the facility, we have seen this trend across many facility types and in many industries.

Do you know where your greatest risk lies?  It may be easier to address than you think.

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